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Welcome to the Twin Cities Aikido Center

An Aikido Throw
Aikido uses circular movements for throws and pins

Your journey into Japan's most intriguing martial art begins here. The Twin Cities Aikido Center - one of the oldest dojos in the Midwest - offers you the resources to explore greater physical and mental flexibility, the opportunity to train with the most experienced group of instructors in Minnesota, and the comfort of a friendly environment where you'll feel at ease learning something old yet new.

Challenge yourself to advance along an uncommon path. Along the way you'll learn how to redirect energy, wield ancient weaponry, and disarm an aggressive opponent with minimal harm. More importantly, you'll discover that much of what you learn on the mat can be integrated and applied within the context of your daily life.

Be proactive. Don't wait. The martial artist within is waiting for you.



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Special Events

Check out our special seminars on the seminar page. (An Aikido seminar is a special practice, not a lecture.)

Upcoming Seminars

Autumn Seminar

Donovan Waite will again be joining us Sept 12-14, 2014 for what promises to be another energetic seminar.
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Youth Seminar

Our 3rd annual Youth Seminar will take place on Sept 27. Our instructor for this year will be Galen David.
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New to Aikido?

More information if you're just starting out.


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Our standard schedule has two or three classes per day.


You can take as many classes per month as you want for a single low fee..